Common issue in printer repair


Visually check the ink level in the cartridges or PZK (refillable cartridges) if you use the original ones and have recently changed them, then the problem is not with the cartridge.

In refillable cartridges, the actual ink level may not coincide with the counter, so you should remove the cartridges and visually assess the ink level. If there are very few of them left, the cartridges should be refilled.

  1. Run “Nozzle / nozzle check”

In the printer control menu, select “Nozzle check” or “Nozzle check” (depending on the printer model). Printing a test page will help determine the cause of the malfunction and, possibly, even fix it by software. And then start cleaning the print head.

  1. If the printer itself malfunctions, most often an error code is displayed on the printer or MFP screen; when decrypting such an error through the technical documentation, it is possible to determine what has failed. In more detail you can clarify all the information by contacting our engineers.

This or any other breakdown will be quickly and efficiently eliminated by the engineers of our company. For our customers, diagnosis and leaving home or office is free. Use the refill repair calculator to find out the cost of troubleshooting your printer, MFP, or plotter

High quality and quick diagnostics of printers in Dubai will solve any problems with paper capture in the printer.
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