Documentation - Work in Progress


I’m not 100% sure that a videos section in the documentation is a good idea. First of all it is my understanding that the documentation is supposed to help users/developers use/develop stuff. Videos by random users which only show what they have implemented don’t help with that. Tutorial videos on the other hand can be very useful.

Secondly it will be quite difficult to maintain that videos section because the regular user doesn’t have the rights to alter the contents of the documentation. So to add a new video the user would have to create a Pull Request which someone else then has to approve. --> Complicated workflow for such a simple thing.

All in all I think that videos showcasing user projects should rather be published here in the forum where it is very easy for users to post such videos than in the documentation.

It’s worth discussing :slight_smile:


I need to figure out how to add a blog to the webpage.
Might be a project for the summer. We need to switch back to wordpress. :-D:
Posting all the videos is definitely something for a blog


@Carsten I see your point , I had only thought of letting people know of your difff things people had tried doing with it
@valentin yea a blog /videos (media) page on would be nice to showcase them


@Carsten we will keep the videos section in documentation for now and then move it to the webpage blog when it gets finished , what do you think ?


@valentin could you check if the documentation site is down , it doesn’t load


For the redesign of the page , it would be good if it had a develop section which covers creating of hardware interfaces etc.
What did you have in mind for a separate engineers, designers section etc ?
For newcomers it would be best if we could provide more detailed explanation of how things work
we could for example give more explained description on using the arduino functions etc.