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I found the installation a bit confusing at first since on this page:

It says to go and download node.js from their site. The two latest versions (4.x.x and 5.x.x.) seem to both have issues with serialport. After I did the Raspberry Pi tutorial I noticed it was using 0.12.x version, so I went looking for that on the Node.js site, and after installing that it works fine on Windows (would probably work on my Mac as well, I imagine).

I wonder if it makes sense to specify the version in the installation instructions for Desktop?

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Hi @elburz welcome to the forum :smile: Thanks for your feedback!
If you haven’t already ,you can take a look at this thread Using OpenHybrid with Node 4 incompatible with node-serialport

@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim thanks! it’s quite an interesting project. No problem, I had a few notes from my weekend experiments :smile:

I did see that thread, and it quickly links to one of the longest github issues threads I’ve ever seen, which was quite dense. Would it not make sense to stop any possible confusion for new users by putting a recommended version of Node to use in the installation instructions?

@elburz yes ! we should specify the node version @valentin will add that to the installation instructions :+1:

Cheers @V_Mohammed_Ibrahim hopefully it helps new users get started a bit quicker!

@valentin i also tried with node 4.x.x ,but serial port problem
node version 0.12.9 as @elburz mentioned works fine ,maybe we should add this link to the manual

Its updated on the webpage.

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Great, thanks!