Always loading object


I met a problem that the Reality Editor is always showing “loading object”. However, everything works quite fine before.

I am using the latest Reality Editor and Ipad Air OS10.1. Which kind of reason can cause this issue? Is the problem of Ipad or the problem or router? (But I am using the same router which works fine before) or whatever anything else? Thanks!

When I open Reality Editor, the console of Openhybrid platform will log the information: UDP broadcasting on port:52316. Sending beats… Conent :“id: myid” , “ip”:“”, “vn”:“161”, “tcs”:“3ER4fF”. But this ip “” is not the same ip as my computer which is, should they be the same?

Does this information helps any to fix the problem?

@JC12 yes they should be the same.
My assumption is that you have the internet connection connected via the address and you use your computer as a router for the wifi network which gives it the address

For the server it is not possible to figure out automatically which of these two network should be used.

Two things you can do:.

  1. Get a normal wifi router so that your phone/iPad and your computer are clients of the same subnet and provided with a single IP.
  2. Change the IP manually to the one of your computer to force the server operating in the right subnet. You can do this by search and replace all instances of ip.address() in the server.js file with a string of your IP. For example in your case this would be "".

Would you like to help us figuring out how the IP could be determent more stable?

@valentin Thanks for your help and I finally get it works! Here are some descriptions.

I have connected my laptop via a hotpot of my phone couple of times before, and this virtual private network was kept in my laptop network and keep running even I already closed this hotpot wireless sharing from my phone. (I dont know why).

And then I am actually connecting my laptop in a wifi network from a router which giving a ip of But the virtual private network is giving a ip of to the hybridobject, so there is always a “loading object” in reality editor.

Finally, I disable those virtual private network and everything runs correctly then. Hope those can make sense.

Thanks .

@JC12 totally makes sense.
VPN is tricky. For increasing security many VPN clients even prevent any other network connection from sending and receiving data while active. But once it is deactivated, the VPN address should not be an active route anymore.