Best place for development discussion?

As I continue to learn about the source code I find myself asking many questions such as, “Why is it desirable for objects to have an ID length of at least 12 (or 13) characters?” or “do you mind if I add a dependency on the lodash library in order to simplify some expressions?”

What is the best method to discuss the source code? Should we use the wiki in GitHub? Should we create a “Development” category in this forum software?

I do have little experience with the Github wiki.
I implemented this forum because it works very well for the openframeworks community.

I think we can combine the wiki and this forum here.
This forum is perfect for on going discussions.
However, a wiki is much better to generate a clean map of the platform.

What do you think?

I opened a new development category and moved the answer for your ID question to it:

What would be the benefit of lodash?

There are quite a few benefits to using the lodash library, chiefly readability and compactness leading to increased ease of maintenance. For example, at a glance, can you tell what this does:

beatInterval + (Math.floor(Math.random() * 500) + 1) * (Math.floor(Math.random() * 2) == 1 ? 1 : -1))

Compare to the lodash equivalent:

beatInterval + _.random(-500, 500)
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Ok lets use it.

Additionally: The OpenHybrid arduino Yun image has SSHFS on board.
You can mount the filesystem via
SSHFS: sshfs root@object.local:/ ~/mountpoint

In case you want to test right on the YUN

Very handy thank you. I’m still waiting on my Yún to arrive, so unfortunately I’m coding a bit “blind” at the moment, apologies if there are breaking changes. I hope to add some tests to minimize that possibility when I have fully understood the system and played with the getting started examples first-hand.

I just posted some diagrams that I had for reflecting the server architecture.
It does not show very accurate how the platform is actually working at this point, but it might give you a hint how everything fits together. I think the foundational structure around the objectEngine should still be the same.