Blockchain Technology for World Wide Open Hybrid

I would like to open this discussion for everyone who feels inspired by the possibilities that come with Blockchain technology and how it can be used to decentralize IoT.

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This is new to me, so did some research and found two things I think are worth sharing on the topic.

Found a great high-level intro to the Ethereum framework that IBM leveraged for the blockchain portion of their IoT implementation & a recording of the washing-machine-buys-it’s-own-detergent demo that other articles mention.


Nice. One problem with all of these things is the added complexity.
If this gets ever implemented it needs to be so simple that the objects basically create their own identity with the Blockchain and the physical appearance / “tpm chip or code” of the single object accounts as a token.

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Blockchain technology could be used to generate, publish & display “control over” a particular OH device. In other words, there should be a library of connected OH devices in the world (devices with the necessary built-in logic and connectivity), and the blockchain would be used for automated access to those devices, rather than open public access.