Can't access the developer interface

Hi everyone,

I downloaded and installed the hybrid.dmg image in following the instructions in Install.

I’ve now moved on to First Steps: Adding Object and Marker. It seems that I can’t access arduino.local:8080/ as I get a page error. I can access arduino.local but it’s the standard Arduino Yun configuration page I believe.

Any idea why I can’t access the developer interface page through arduino.local:8080?

Your help is really appreciated!

Thank you,

Hi Sylvain,
Sorry for the late replay.
I thought I get notifications for any new request.

Have you been able to figure out the issue?

If you can see the arduino.local that is a good first sign.

There is a white LED that after 2 minutes starts glowing.
A bit later it should start blinking.
Is that the case?

Have you been able to reset the Arduino Yun with the image found on your prepared SD-Card?

@sylvain I had this same problem , check your router/modem configuration page to see if wireless isolation is enabled
if it is enabled ,then disable it , it prevents devices from communicating through your ports ( 8080 ,80) which are used for various functions
my problem was resolved after disabling wireless isolation on my router

The relevant ports are:
8080 for http and socket communication.
52316 for UDP broadcasting.
80 for the Arduino interface