Consulting several basic questions

Hi everyone, I saw the video that Heun used his phone to control the car,lamp and so on. I deeply attract by this project. I browser the webpage of OpenHybrid and I decide to make a simple demo following the “sensorAndSlider example”.

Befor that, I have several questions to ask.
1. What’s the functionality of the Arduino-YUN-Image? Is it uniform for all Hybrid Objects?
2. Can you describe the data flow briefly? I means what happens from the moment I connect the elements use my iphone to the moment the elements work together. How the data communicates between each element.
3. I didn’t familiar with AR technology, I saw there are some virtual images shown when the iphone camera aim at the target. So is there some AR modeling code embed in the Reality Editor App?
4. The laptop used to create Web based AR content for the Reality Editor. Then when I manipulate the hybrid objects with Reality Editor, does the laptop still need to work as a server?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, looking forwards the responding.

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Hi @Peiyong Welcome to our community! :sunny:

The Arduino-YUN-Image is the operation system for the Arduino Yun. You will need to prepare a SD card with it so that you can start your Arduino Yun with it. Install

This image is uniform for all Arduino Yun. You can learn how to build an object with following this tutorial:

Your iPhone loads the user interface in form of an HTML page from the Object. It also loads a data set from which it renders the IO-Points. When you connect two IO Points, the iPhone sends information about this connection to the origin Object. From that moment on, if data on the IO Point of the Origin Object changes it will be send to the other object.

All of the AR is happening in the background. You do not need any knowledge about this technology. You will learn everything needed with the example: Arduino Yun Example
Here you can learn how to upload your user interfaces and how to position and scale:
Adding Web Content

All the Server activity is happening on the Arduino Yun. You do not need an extra external computer. You use your laptop to generate the UI and then you upload it in to the object.

I hope these answers help you. Let us know if you need more help.

@valentin Thanks for your reply. I will start with the demo, and I’ll ask for help here if I meet any questions.:grinning:

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