Data transfer between Reality Editor APP to Server

Hi I am stuck at understanding how data is getting transferred from index.html (objectIO.js) to server

How this.object = io.connect(); is connecting to server and sending data

Is objectio only standard file to communicate with hybrid object

function HybridObject () {
this.object = io.connect();

this.write = function(IO, value, mode)
	if(!mode) mode = "f";
	this.object.emit('object', JSON.stringify({pos:IO, obj:objectExp.obj, value:value , mode: mode}));

this.readRequest =  function(IO) {
    this.object.emit('/object/value', JSON.stringify({pos:IO, obj:objectExp.obj}));}; =  function(IO, data) {
    if(data.pos === IO)
        return data.value;};