Developer functions not working in Reality Editor

Hey guys!

I’m getting up and running, super exciting! :slight_smile:

An issue I run into is related to the Developer Functions in the Reality Editor. According to Adding Web Content, turning on Developer Functions should allow me to move/resize the interface. However, nothing happens when I drag the interface. When holding my finger down, it seems that the iOS interface “takes over”, and a text-like selection is applied over the image.

Is this a known issue? I’m on iPhone5s, iOS 9.2.

Did you enable the developer functions in the hardware interface’s code? You have to call the developer() function of the hardware interfaces API.

hi @Sharp6
Does the image show the edit mode ( a blue stripped pattern over the image ?),
then developer mode is enabled ,if this is the case then you can move by simply dragging it
and to resize hold one finger over the image and then drag outside the image using another finger to change size. To concentric circles will appear
I have also had trouble with the text selection window popping up.