Faster Boot Device for Openhybrid

This section is for discussion on boards ,that can get the OpenHybrid server running with reduced boot time

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Estimate of boot time on Pi with different class SD cards

found this on a pi forum
“ With the release of new hard float distributions boot time has been significantly reduced. In addition, Arch Arm Linux is now using systemd instead of init which starts processes in parallel and is considered to be much faster. As a result my Class 10 SD card now boots Arch to a login prompt in about 6-7 seconds. “

This could mean we could have the openhybrid server running in about under 1 minute

oh wow. this is wonderful.
when starting the open hybrid server it usually takes 10 seconds or so to start the full thing on the Yun.
Does that mean we have a system running in under 15 seconds?

I found some reading for the startup:

Yea I hope so!
In the pi raspbebian OS , there are apps etc which we don’t use most of the time,
If we skip the booting to GUI etc we could probably have it running in under 30sec -1 min
I don’t have a pi right now,will test it as soon as I get it
Also o found that we can configure it to connect to network in boot itself , so we don’t need to wait till booting finish .
@Carsten what do you think of this?