First step to install Open Hybrid on raspberry pi?


@psomdecerff, I gather from the other thread that you are well on your way to communicating with the Hue via Carsten’s HW Interface example, is that correct?

If you still need help or advice, we’re here and happy to help - start a new thread or message us directly?


I’m in good shape - thanks! I suspect that those familiar with the tools and the codebase could have done what I did in a fraction of the time. I’m just learning as I go, as this is my first dive into open source, and it’s working out.


Its a good start!


So rasberry pi 3 has now wifi included that will be easier to setup? the process will be different?


@fabianrios no it will be same, the install process will be the same for PI 3,
Only difference is you don’t need an external wifi adapter or LAN cable to connect to network as there is inbuilt wifi .
Right @valentin ?


I have not seen the PI 3. Looks wonderful.


Thanks for the reply, I have access to one PI 3. My question is, in that case the Arduino Yun is still a necessity to make the slider example? or is it possible to use the PI 3 for that purpose as well using something like Wiring Pi?


@fabianrios You can have the slider exapmle on the PI 3 also , but as far as i know the PI has only digital pins ,so you cannot have the full range of control for the slider, Instead you can either use the already existing PI hardware interface or create hardware interface for yourself to obtain ON/OFF functionality with the slider
However if you really need the full analog range function of the slider , you could use some kind of A/D converter :slight_smile:

@valentin the PI 3 is great, it has inbuilt wifi module like the Yun and also more power


Does the PI 3 boot faster then the Arduino Yun?


I don’t have an arduino Yun to compare, but thanks to the hardware on it I think it is faster.


The Arduino takes around 2 minutes to boot up to the point that the open hybrid server is running.
Anything faster than 2 minutes would be amazing! :slight_smile:


@valentin the PI boots in about the same time ,maybe a little less
And it might change with the speed of the card
Also we can set the server to start on boot in which case the server is running as soon as the PI is up.

But the PI defi definitely has advantage over yun except that it does not have analog pins