I came across openhybrid and it is a great platform.

I am just trying to get familiar with it. Towards that end, I intend to turn my mac laptop into hybridobject with two iopoints named “f1” and “f2”. The iopoints corresponds to F1/F2 keys on my mac laptop keyboard. The idea is to have my mac scanned by reality editor and it should show with two io points. I would then click iopoints from the editor to trigger keyboard press events on mac.

I have reached a point where I created new hw interface named “mac” with two iopoints “f1” and “f2”. I have added code to in index.js of the hardware interface code to trigger f1 and f2 key press.

I am having trouble creating index.html. I am not a web programmer and don’t know anything about html. I am looking to create a web page with two round button with labels “f1” and “f2” inside them. Any idea how such web page can be created ?


hi @dvivek
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you can easily create the buttons for your need usiing HTML .
Lot of tutorials are availabe on the web .
This is an example about the buttons in HTML