How build the fish jumping demo

Hi everyone,

I am Will. I want to build fish jumping demo in the video to introduce the Open Hybrid to my friends.

Is there any tutorials about how to build the fish jumping demo in the video? Does this demo need the Arduino Yun board?

Many Thanks.

Hi Will,
No, it does not need the Arduino Yun.
You can just start the server on your computer and create a new object.

We used Adobe Edge Animate for animating the wale.
But you can use any other html5 animation tool.
When you are done, just publish the html5 page to the object folder of your server.

There is no code writing required.

You can find some additional help for the adobe software workflow here:


Hi Valentin,
Thanks very much for your answer.

I have another question.Can I use a computer running windows OS as the server of my open hybrid? Cause I got some problem installing the node V0.12.09, I can not get the right version of Node.

Many Thanks.


Yes you can use a Windows pc.

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Thank you very much.

I have tried another version v0.12.7 under unbuntu 16.04. I think it successes.

Now I am working on my demo. Got another question is do I need to do any settings to my router?

Many thanks.

As long as you have a normal consumer router its ready to go.
Sometimes a Guest Network or a “Client isolation” mode prevents two computers from communicating with each other in your network. But in 99% of all cases, you should be fine.

The Reality Editor automatically discovers all objects connected to the same local network.