I want to upload a target file but nothing happens

Make sure that your browser is not automatically unzipping the zip file.
For example: Safari > Preferences > General > uncheck: Open “safe” files after downloading

No matter what I do, my target keeps uploading incorrectly. I’ve tried different names, zipping the file without the .jpg and with the jpg, tried different browsers (safari, chrome), just can’t get it to work. Any advice? I’ve even gotten it up to the point where I upload individual files, but still the interface folders get uploaded in weird ways - like the names get changed and not everything ends up within the “target” folder.

  1. You need to upload the targets in the target upload interface.
  2. Your browser should not unpack the zip file after download. Once you need to zip the files again, it will not work anymore. You need to generate the zip file with the vuforia target webpage.
  3. Upload the taget.zip file and the jpg separately.