Interaction with spatial information

Hi, my name is Kyungmin Han, a MA student at Royal college of art in London.
Last month, I attended the Reality Editor workshop which was run by Valentin. I did a Card key project there by help of him.

My project is about how multiple layers of information could be navigated.
Distance adjustment interface allows users to explore a whole building from the basement to the rooftop in augmented reality environment. The aim was to make users understand a space more easily and give them useful information, such as which rooms he/she can access to.

Below video is the process.

I would like to continue this project for my final design show on June 2016. However, I will slightly change the topic from Spatial information to Information accessibility. At the moment I am developing the context and user scenarios. Then, I will probably come here often with lots of questions.

Please leave a comment if you have any idea or thought on my project.
Thank you!

There are more students’ projects from the workshop here :


That’s awesome :smile:

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Hi, great project !!

How can you detect the distance between the phone and the object ? is there any info alreaddy injected in the webkit component ?


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@franck Its a new feature that we where working on while at the workshop.

  • Your interface will be able to subscribe to the projection and model view matrix (which gives you the depth)
  • There is also a plan to let you subscribe to motion sensing and so on. (Any idea for IO from the phone that would be relevant to subscribe too?)

We still need some time to make it available with the Reality Editor

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