iOS Reality Editor App Source Code For Implementing in Android

Hello Sir, I am Undergraduate CS Engineer and i wanted to select this search as my Final Year Project. I want to build the Reality Editor App for Android so can i get the source code or any Logical Concept behind development of Reality Editor App. Please Reply

Hi @FaiziKhanZai,
we had many discussion about Android in the past.
At this point I can only refer you to older discussions:

Thanks @valentin but i am working to create a similar app like reality editor using unity 3d, just loved your concept of hybrid object, hope i will succeed in creating this similar app using Unity 3D. I will be sharing my work here on this platform.

Hi @FaiziKhanZai,
when we started building the Reality Editor, we also started to experiment with unity 3d as well. But there is a important concept you have to understand, which eventually lead us to web technology as the foundation.

Think about unity 3d as the flash player from adobe and the reality editor as your web browser.
What you want to archive would be to implement a web browser within the flash player which is a plugin for a web browser. Putting a grown chicken back in to an egg.

You will not only need to implement networking capabilities and in time content loading but also some kind of authoring language for transporting that content.

Unit 3d is a single user game engine that can export to html5.
The reality editor is a web browser that enables the web in to the physical world.
Two very different things.

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Thank You Sir @valentin for your appreciation and kind words , due to your motivation me and my team have finally achieved a similar prototype like reality editor on android and cross platform using unity3d as our research project for bachelors of engineering. Hoping to share a video of the working system soon
Again Thank You So Much

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While Unity3D may not be an ideal platform, it has some advantages over building the app in ObjectiveC. (

The main benefit is cross platform builds for wearable devices in addition to android. Wearable devices (ex. HoloLens) are becoming more and more important in AR, and seem to work well with the Reality Editor concept. However there are many competing wearable manufacturers with their own development pipelines, and ObjectiveC limits the app to iOS devices. Unity3D offers “write once, run most places” with C# compiling for most platforms.

The I do not think the web technology foundation does not need to be sacrificed in a Unity3D based client. All currently available features and design decisions seem to be possible to implement. Yes, a Unity3D client will be more “bloated” than one written from scratch without an engine around it, however it offers additional flexibility that may outweigh the drawbacks.

Please let me know what you think,

Hi Faizal Khan

Do you have a github repository for the same ? Can we get to use the bulild to run in android