Is there any IEEE research papers available for research study?

Any research paper are required for research project.

Hi @Parikshit welcome to the forum.
There are some related publications that you can look up.
However a new full paper is presently in review for publication.

“Smarter objects : programming physical objects with AR technology”
Valentin Heun
MIT Media Lab Master Thesis

“Smarter Objects: Using AR technology to Program Physical Objects and their Interactions”
Valentin Heun, Shunichi Kasahara, Pattie Maes
CHI 2013 – Work-In-Progress
ACM Intl. Conf.

“exTouch: Spatially-aware manipulation of actuated objects mediated by Augmented Reality”
Shunichi, Kasahara, Ryuma Niiyama, Valentin Heun, Hiroshi Ishii
TEI 2013
ACM Intl. Conf.

[“Reality Editor: Programming Smarter Objects”]
Valentin Heun, James Hobin, Pattie Maes
UbiComp 2013
ACM Intl. Conf.

“Second Surface: Multi-user Spatial Collaboration System based on Augmented Reality”
Shunichi Kasahara, Valentin Heun, Austin S. Lee, Hiroshi Ishii
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 – Emerging Technologies
ACM Intl. Conf.

“Reality Editor”
Valentin Heun, Eva Stern-Rodriguez, Marc Teyssier
CHI 2015 – Video Showcase
ACM Intl. Conf.

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Sorry but I find it difficult to download the papers.

I have updated all the links to publicly free available downloads.