It is possible to run it with arduino AT-Mega 2560?

We have got the question if the platform also runs with the AT-Mega 2560.

Unfortunately the Hybrid Object code does not run on this Microprocessor.
You need to have enough capacity to run the node.js runtime compiler on the system.

Right now, the Arduino Yun is the only board from the Arduino family that has enough capacity.

is possible use Intel edison with arduino board?

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it should be possible to run the server on the intel edison if you choose the OS as linux , but the interface for GPIO is not yet developed

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Yes, it should be possible to run Open Hybrid on the Edison.
I am not so familiar with the Edison.

Do you want to help us make it work?

Can you describe to us what the general workflow is?
Do you use the Arduino IDE only or would you write code with nodejs or python?

Do you know if there is a way to connect from nodjs to the Arduino IDE generated code?

Unlike the Arduino Yun, the Edison has no coprocessor.

Ahhh now I understand the question better.
It could be possible to combine the Edison with an Arduino.
But you need to get the serial connection running with the nodejs server.
The Arduino processor on the Arduino Yun has basically the same specification as the arduino UNO.

I don’t know well enough to start with new platform, I prefer like to try use PI and get experience before run on the Edison

here is some spec about Edison,

Edison OS support either Yocto and linux

I already test node-red in Yocto, and use python MRAS GPIO control arduino, LED, OK, but still need to test the PWM, I2C and the D/A, A/D …etc, hope can be done soon

another path load the sketch inside arduino and call up firmata, but I still have problem the virtual USB doesn’t recognize, don’t have the answer yet, it works communicate with ioT bluemix foundation, but after I rebuild new image then not work. in theory, should work, just me

As me, I am at the learning state for all the new things happen, I like to help in the project in long run as now I am very new, new language and hardware setup…

or tell me how to setup nodejs server and testing procedure, let me try on my Yocto, so I can learn also

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I think open hybrid should run out of the box on the edison if you get nodejs running on it.
Is there some libraries for using the GPIO with the edison in nodejs?

Yes, MRAA lib for gpio also support javascript

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Perfect, I am confident that we will be able to use a big junk of the raspberry pi code base for the Edison as well. But there is still a lot to do. If you want you can follow @V_Mohammed_Ibrahim and @KevinOrtman to learn about how they implement the GPIOs for the PI.