Network problems using different routers

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using OpenHybrid for quite some time now. I’ve been using it mainly to display data, so I don’t use the IO Points for now.
Now, I’ve been encountering some problems lately. We have 3 different routers used to connect our devices in a Wireless Network. All of them are NOT connected to the internet. Now, with our old router, everything works fine, I can detect the hybrid objects and display the data. Now, we would be using this router, but it often happens that the connection breaks, so that is not an option unfortunately. Using the same code, but another (newer) router, the Reality Editor does not detect any objects anymore (“Loading Objects” just constanty shows in the top corner, and no objects are displayed in the menu). Finally, using our newest router, the objects get loaded but nothing happens when I point the Reality Editor at the marker.

Maybe you know what kind of stuff the router has to be capable of, and what settings have to be checked? Unfortunately, we cannot access the settings of our old router, only of the 2 not working ones.


Can you tell me the model of the router?

There are two things that need to work:

  • UDP broadcasting (thats the technology used for auto discovery).
  • Client isolation needs to be turned off. (This is a security feature some routers have for when you share the router connection with unknown people).

Make sure that your router is not isolating client to client communication.
This should also solve the broadcasting problem.

This sort of isolation may also happen when you use a “guest” network.

Sure, the router is a TP-Link TL-WR941ND V6. I’ll try and look for those settings, thank you!