New Reality Editor Version 1.5.3

You can find the latest Reality Editor Update Version 1.5.3 in the iOS App Store:

  • The only change to Version 1.5.2 is the compatibility with some older iOS devices that support 32bit applications only. You need a minimum iOS Version of iOS 8 to run the Reality Editor.
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The new version for 32 bit was successfully installed , the menu options which were on the side of the screen now appears in the middle of the screen ,i assume it is a bug

Can you provide me with a screenshot? (You can take a screenshot with pushing the power and home button of the iPad at the same time). Which iOS version do you have?

i have iOS 9.1

Can you do a screenshot that also shows the video in some way? That would help a lot.
Can you also show a augmented interface and see if it works on the right side of the screen?

This helps me to understand if it is just a wrong coordinate system for the UI or if the software has not set the orientation right.

Can you also tell me exactly which iPad model you have? I will try to reproduce the error here.

i took a video as i felt screenshot wasn’t good enough,
i use an ipad 2 MC769HN/A

the augmented image isn’t being displayed to the right of the menu also there is clipping at bottom ,it maybe the coordinates

Perfect, Thank you for your help to debug the reality editor.
I know now exactly where to find the bug.
But I need to also find an iPad where I can reproduce it for debugging.
It will take some days until the update will be available in the app store, but its easy to solve.

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I have found the bug and uploaded a new version to the app store. It probably will take a week or so until its public

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@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim Thanks for the testing and bug reporting.
The new version is now in the app store.
Please keep me updated how this version works for you.

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@valentin I updated the app , but the problems still exist the same as in the earlier video ,
the menu is in the middle of screen , clipping to right side of menu on screen and also at middle of screen to bottom

Can you rotate your iPad so that it changes the orientations?
When I tested iOS 7.x that helped with this kind of error.

I need to find an iPad2 to check what is going on here.
That might take a little bit time on my side.

Can you also provide me with another screenshot?

Rotation did not result in any change ,
here is the screenshot , the bottom and right edges clip irrespective of orientation
@valentin the developer option icon is also not visible

Ahh I see where this is coming from.
Your iPad is a non retina device.
It must have something to do with the retina x2 scaling.
Hemm I really need a non retina device to test this out because it should be taken care already. :confused:

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@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim I found a iPad2 for debugging and fixed the issue. The update probably will take a week or so until its in the app store.

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