New Reality Editor Version 1.5.7


@Sunny did you find the example difficult to follow ? Or is there any part of the example that you would like to be better explained in the site ?


No,the guidelines are not difficult to follow,just at begining I don’t know where to start.Maybe given the step 1 2 3 4 on how to accomplish the Arduino Yun example is better for a beginner.Or maybe I didn’t have talent to do this,so I should be more assiduous.
When I follow the step but can not get the result as expected,I feel a little anxiety.
A little question:Can I use a switch instead of the force sensor?Because I found I can not control the LED(unlit) through the switch and also through reality editor,afer upload the sensorAndSlider.ino to Aruino Yun.(When I exchange the wire of A0 and GND it seems it can work ).Thank you!


Did you program the arduino as given in the exapmle ? you can control the led through the Reality editor and the switch once you program the arduino


Yes,I upload the sensorAndSlider.ino into arduino yun,(yun pc ipad are in the same network) but the switch cannot control led.Once I exchange the wire on A0 with GND,the switch can control the led,the app still cannot.


How can I know if Arduino can communicate with the openhybrid server? Thank you!


Hi Sunny,
there was a bug in the latest server version, that prevented the data coming from the Arduino to be send to the Reality Editor. The image files for the Arduino are updated. It should work now.


Could you please give me the link?I am afraid I download a wrong one.



Thank you!


@valentin I come back to install Object Server today,but I found it cannot be installed in win7


Check what we have been writing 16 days ago. You are repeating problems that we have already solved with you.


@valentin I download the server from this Gitbit link.

So I should use the link before,just download Arduino Yun Image Again ?


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Jim Walker


@valentin I use the server v1.6.0(because v1.6.1 can not be installed) and Arduino Yun Image v1.6.1,but the I/O point still don’t appear on the “Found Object in this Network”.