New Reality Editor Version 1.6, Server 1.6.0, Arduino Yun Image 1.6.0

The Reality Editor (1.6), Open Hybrid Server (1.6.0) and Arduino Yun Image (1.6.0) are updated.
The new Javascript Reference can be found here.

##Reality Editor

  • General Note: The Reality Editor is fully compatible to all previous Open Hybrid Server versions.
  • Improvement: The GUI renders 29% faster in iOS 8 and higher due a switch from UIWebView to WKWebView.
  • Improvement: UIs are only 3d transformed if the transformation matrix has changed. This saves Javascript processing time.
  • Improvement: Lines show now the perspective correct size according to the depth.
  • Improvement: Improved accuracy for 3d transformation. Improvement is calibrated for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s+, iPad 2, 3, 4, mini 2G. More devices will follow later.
  • New Feature: Unconstrained Editing allows the free positioning of UI’s in 3D Space. (Requires Server V0.4+ to save settings permanently)
  • New Feature: Editing mode shows, if the UI is visually behind the marker (Great work and props to @benolds).
  • New Feature: Reset Button allows to put a UI back to the default position.
  • New Feature: Send and Receive global broadcasting messages among all UI’s. (Requires Server V0.4+)
  • New Feature: UI’s can now render full screen and subscribe to the 3D position relative to the marker. This allows the support for WebGL. (Requires Server V0.4+)
  • New Feature: A touch Overlay indicates where the finger touches the display and provides guidance when connecting IO-Points
  • New Feature: IO-Points are now responsive. The Reality Editor provides states. (Requires Server V0.4+)
  • New Feature: Lines between IO-Points are now animated dot lines, that indicate the direction of a signal flow.
  • New Feature: The GUI buttons are redesigned for more visible space.
  • New Feature: New super fast startup. Up to 50 most used targets are permanently stored in the device. (Requires Server V0.4+)
  • New Feature: The Reality Editor automatically checks all target files and updates target files if they have changed on the server. (Requires Server V0.4+)
  • Bug Fix: More responsive checkboxes for the settings menu.
  • Bug Fix: UI’s are now sandboxed. It prevents the UI from loading web content on the GUI Interface level.
  • Bug Fix: Downloader registered multiple instances of an object.


  • General Note: The Object Server is fully compatible to all previous Reality Editor versions.
  • Improvement: Web Interface uses AJAX to update info page.
  • Improvement: Object ID is handled independent from specific format. (Right now this is only relevant for system internal stability improvement)
  • Improvement: Simple Developer UI
  • New Feature: Heartbeats contain a checksum for the target files and server version. This allows the Reality Editor to load only changed targets and therefore load much faster even with a big amount of targets.
  • New Feature: Simplified Hardware Interface API allows simple creation of adapters for new hardware. (Great work and props to @Carsten). I think we have some meda center adapters and one for the Philips Hue lights.
  • New Feature: Unconstrained editing support.
  • New Feature: The hybrid obejct js libraries are automatically injected in to the index.html or index.htm file. This takes care that all Reality Editor functionality is accessible at any time. It removes and therefore simplifies some steps from content creation. Just save a webpage in any web content creation tool and upload it to the open hybrid platform. Thats it.
  • New Feature: New simplified API for interfacing with the Reality Editor and IO-Points.
    However everything is still downward compatible.
  • New Feature: Reality Editor is able to subscribe to data events. This saves processing time. Data is pushed instead of pulled.
  • Bug Fix: So many that it is hard to write them up. :slight_smile:

‘Requires Server V0.4+’ means for Open Hybrid Object Server, not nodeJS ?

@franck correct. Server V0.4+ means Open Hybrid Object Server V0.4+.