New version of Reality Editor + Old User Interface

Hello to all
I’m testing the new version of the Reality Editor with the old User Interface but unfortunately the application does not find the objects anymore.

Thanks a lot,

Marco Pinnella

Hi, @Marcus we made a lot of foundational changes to protocols and API’s updates to the Editor and the Server. These changes are the final version for all used protocols and can be relied on.

The new Reality Editor is compatible with the old server but the new server not with the old editor.

Is there a specific reason why you can not update?

Will you be able to migrate your old editor to the new one?

Good morning Valentin
Our problem is that the Reality Editor iOS app has updated automatically

When we loaded the old user interface with the new IOS realtime editor app and the old server the objects were not detected.

We can not move to the new app with the new server because we have customized the old User Interface.

Now for resolve this problem where we can find the code of the first IOS realtor editor?

Then where we can find the ofxVuforia library referenced by the editor?

Thanks a lot, Marco.

Ahh ok now I understand.
I think what we can do is to enable some kind of backward compatibility in the app so that your old UI still works.
I just updated a couple of things with the realityeditor-ios code so that you guys can easily compile it.

realityeditor-ios IS the entire code for the new and old app. You can see in the history that the commits date back quite some time. ofxVuforia is a private modification of ofxQCAR. I just made the changes public and changed the names. You can check it all out in the realityeditor git.

Hi @Marcus,
I have added a patch to the reality editor that enables compatibility with old UI versions.
It will become published with version 2.1, for now, you will need to compile the editor yourself.
Please follow the instructions in the readme:

You also need to replace one line of code in your old UI:
search for

  if (globalStates.platform) {
        window.location.href = "of://kickoff";

and replace it with

 if (globalStates.platform) {
        window.location.href = "of://oldUI";
            window.location.href = "of://kickoff";
        }, 100);

Hello Valentine thanks so much for the timely intervention by myself , @alessiocamillo and @stevepayne.