No device found on reality editor using raspberry 1


following your raspberry guide

we have set an object server on a raspberry 1 (Jessie with pixel)
the server version is 1.6.1
All our devices ( raspberry too ) are connected to the Eduroam WiFi

following the beginner’s guide
we have created a new object
we have created a target
and then the buttons turned green

at this point we have tried reality editor on a Iphone 6S (IOS 9.3.5)
in order to test the bird example… to no avail

No object found, and the QR code shows no bird

what are we missing?


Hi @stevepayne,
the Eduroam Wifi is the problem.

It does not allow the UDP broadcasting. Which is a problem with all cooperate and university networks.
You will need to create your own private wifi network with a consumer wifi router.

Thank you Valentin for your support
we are going to try a consumer wifi router

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Dear All

following Valentin’s advices we have deployed
the hybrid object server on a raspberry, togheter with a common consumer wifi router
We have been successiful in discovering an object with the bird example.
Now we would like to create interfaces and add I/O points, as we have seen there is an Arduino guide about that
Is there any similar guide about raspberry?

Thanks in advance