ofxQCAR for android


We need to get this add on working on the android version of open frameworks:


@Jacrys I’m gonna try doing the same this weekend. What ever progress you have would be nice if you can comment in the forum so we don’t replicate efforts. Said so, @valentin has forked a julapy’s addon here: https://github.com/openhybrid/ofxQCAR. It could be a nice place to add the new Android addon version.


yeah, i think we should have to start with fresh branch i think. because the current one with android version on git has some bugs which are currently unidentified and there is no documentation available for any kind of initialiation. give me couple of days and i will share whatever work i done so far.

Reality Editor source availability ? Android version?

@buitregool @Jacrys @niravpmalsattar did you guys have any luck making that add on work yet , it sure would be very nice to have the reality editor on android :smile:


@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim Hi, i am sorry to say but i am still working on it. i have to figure out a way to integrate JNI with Android OF & Vuforia SDK. Lets See!!!


@niravpmalsattar How is it going? How about use Processing instead of OF? The Processing apis base on java, maybe don’t need so many JNI and NDK programming.


Hi, Peiyong

as per i know the idea of using OF is only because to be OS independent. and even use c++ as a core only for some the rendering engine and all will be good for processing power for device.

well, i dont have deep knowledge about processing and its integration with Android but at the end, to work it with android processing code has to integrated with android sdk right…? if yes then there we will be on the same page again. please correct me if i wrong.

Thank You.


Hi niravpmalsattar,

Your are right, the Processing and the Vuforia all have to integrate into the Android SDK. I found a opensource project about this: vuforia_for_processing.

I try that demo and it’s quiet simple, but I’m not skilled in Android and Vofuria for further development, soyou can follow this work if you are interest in it.


okay, thanks for taking interest @Peiyong


Hello everyone!

I’d love to work with the reality editor, but I only have an android tablet. I’m considering getting an ipad just for that, :confused:
I imagine you haven’t been able to create the android addon in the end… any plans to do so?

Thanks a lot for all the trials anyway!

iOS Reality Editor App Source Code For Implementing in Android