ofxQCAR for android

Hi, there i am currently working to build android version of ofxQCAR addons which can be actually compile with android version of the OF. if anybody intersted to join please let me know here.



I will find more support for solving this last Problem.

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What help do you need @niravpmalsattar ?

@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim i am trying to merge the current addon with android version of OF. but as this addon specifically made for iOS, we have to clean some bugs related to it and find alternative to android. currently i am trying to setting up work environment first i.e create androidEmpty project and add ofxQCAR as addon in it. then i will start working on cleaning up few iOS related issue and replace it with android alternatives. then after i will start creating small imageTarget example etc…if you have any other suggestion please let me know.

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well i am not familiar with OF , let me know if there are any minor issues i can help with :smile:

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Its probably good to pick up the work that has already been done and support the development.
Can you check out how well this android version works and where they need help?

@valentin already hecked actually and for me it was not working. i was not able to understand what actually inside it. so I started working from scratch. but about one thing i was sure was that he didnt included any kind of Vuforia or ofxQCAR library.

Ok, the important parts in the wrapper for the Reality Editor are:

  1. draw the video background
  2. read the projection matrix and model view matrices for maximal 5 objects at a time
  3. the ability to load new data sets while runtime
  4. activate/deactivate extended tracking
  5. pause and resume the video background

You can use https://github.com/julapy/ofxQCAR for API reference so that this stays conform.

right now i can’t build julapy’s example code as because i dont have iOS device and apple developer account to build apps. @valentin is it possible for you to post example video of point 2 & 3…? so i can take that as a reference. Thanks!!

When you work on the Vuforia wrapper you will find that point 2 is a fundamental concept for how to represent the tracking data. Point 3 is just a code function for loading new data in to the image tracker while it is running. If you study how julapy has implemented the API (how the functions are implemented) in his examples, you can learn how to implement the API for Android. You do not need an iOS device for that.

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Hi there! I’ve been following this project for a while and I think you have done and amazing job. I’m also convinced that it will have a lot to do with all of us in the long term future. So congratulations for that! Have you considered using Artoolkit instead of Vuforia? It also supports Natural Features Tracking, the main platforms (Mac OS X, PC, Linux, Android, iOS) and its (LGPLv3).

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Hi @buitregool, Welcome to our Community!

I think the ARToolKit community does an amazing Job and they follow a wonderful philosophy.
I checked out the ARToolKit after the big open source jump and redesign was made.
I love the color and typography on the ARToolKit Webpage!

At the time I felt that the performance was not comparable to Vuforia.
Please prove me wrong on that. It would be great!

We might see a lot of movement in the AR-Tracking space within the next Year.

  • ArToolKit will become better with its performance over time. I have no doubts about that.
    And Phones become faster anyway…
  • Apple acquired Metaio. What if this acquisition will led to an open source core AR framework for xCode/Swift as part of their new open source philosophy?
  • PTC acquired Vuforia. What if they decide to be more open as well to keep up with the competition?

Did I missed another relevant tracker?

I hope that the competition in that field will bring some movement for open ideas paired with high performance. Eventually the tracker technology used in the Reality Editor should be open and the marker format has to be open and independent.

Lets see where AR is moving within the next 6-12 Month.


Hi @valentin. Thanks for the welcome. Glad to join! I totally agree and understand your perspective. I’ve been going through the repos and the code, and I could not find the xcode/ofx project for the reality editor. Is this published or will be publish? I found one called ‘Editor and Object’ witch is mainly the editor’s GUI and there is also a forked ofxQCAR from Julapy. I think it would be important to have access to the whole project specially if it’s in mind the idea or porting it to other platforms or expecting big contributions from the development community. Thanks for your time. Cheers.

@buitregool to try out example first download OF for iOS and then add julapy addons into the addons folder of the downloaded OF ios distribution. then copy the example folder inside apps folder of OF and double click on .xcodeproject file. if everything thing alright you will be able to build the example.

@buitregool We spend a good amount of time to push as much Reality Editor code as possible in to the open source Javascript code base and will continue to do so: https://github.com/openhybrid/editor
Within the Reality Editor you have an option where you can load the entire javascript interface from a remote server.

Furthermore we will discuss the next steps for the Reality Editor xCode and Android project at our
OH conference: http://openhybrid.org/ohconference.html

For the moment, I believe that it is healthy for the project to keep the code for generating App Store binaries in a trusted circle of developers until our community has grown strong enough.

This trusted circle is not exclusive. You can join via the following options:

  • You can participate in building the community and contribute code for some time.
  • You can participate in our OH conferences so that we can learn about you.
  • Use the Platform in your own experiments and collaborate with other community members.
  • If you are an MIT student, you can join our research via the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) or just stop by and propose your ideas for collaborations.
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Hi @valentin. Thanks for your throughout reply. Sounds fair enough for now. Based on the above rules I will see what I can do.

Hello @valentin and thank you for the invite. I hope I can bring something to the table that you can use to really make this project soar!


public void livingToday()
    do while ( makesSense != true )

Hi Guys, Currently i am able to put current version of ofxQCAR addons in OF android release but as this addon specifically made for iOS, we have to change few files in few codes. anybody here with good JNI and android NDK knowledge…?

Hello @Jacrys Wellcome to the Community! :sunny:

I am solid with INIs, I haven’t looked at the NDK for a year or two, but do have the newest version and Android studio Installed on my DevBox, so I could probably hum a few bars. I have to admit that I haven’t yet had a chance to look at the source code for the iOS app, so completely unfamiliar with it, but an hour or two this weekend should give me some good perspective. Let me know if there is anything specific that is tripping you up and I will do my best to help.