Pill Box - How to keep all the important information with your medicine

Project Pill Box was created by Vaclav Mlynář during Reality Editor workshop at Royal College of Art lead by Valentin Heun.

Pill Box is my experiment, which explores how augmented reality could help people to take their medicine. The concept starts with doctor who writes perception for pills and generate unique ID code (sticker) which contain all information about a medicine, doses, doctor’s comments and contact details. When patient get his medicine from pharmacy he simply stick the sticker on the package. All the informations then can be then access through Reality Editor on phone or tablet. If the patient takes more pills every day he can put different pills in his pill box and using Reality Editor connect information from original medicine package straight to the pill box. The idea is also that the pill box would send push notification to patient’s phone when ever pills should be taken.


Hi @venamly. Great idea! Congratulations! If you don’t mind, it would be nice if you could add to the digital dispenser interface a way that patients can ‘tick’ if they had taken the pill that day already or not. Maybe with a traffic light coded pattern (Green vs Red). This last it’s one of the most common issues in elderly patients, and the main reason why most of them end up buying those pills dispensers in the first place.
It also would be great if you could link both objects using Open Hybrids, the medicine cardboard box and the dispenser, so they keep each other updated. Awesome work!


Can anyone share knowledge on how to create a UI that is similar to the one in Pill-box example? Currently, when I design a HTML page, it only renders on the target. But in the case of the Pill-Box, it goes beyond the marker.

Also, I want to know how can we populate data at run-time on these HTML pages. Is there a particular way in which it is done?

Appreciate the help. Thank you.


If you enable the developer mode in the RealityEditor you can move and scale your UI. That enables you to place your UI elements everywhere in the proximity of the marker.

What exactly do you mean when you say you want to populate data on the HTML pages?

@Carsten i think he might be referring to populating the HTML elements with live data , like the graph i did
am i right ? @ahdeshpande ??

Yes @V_Mohammed_Ibrahim is right. Live data, like a graph and other data in general.

And thanks @Carsten for the earlier reply. I’ll check the Developer Mode.


Ok, you can use every common webtechnology / protocol which is supported by Safari. I.e. WebSockets, Javascript and so on.

@ahdeshpande i will try to upload the code for the graph i did , it is not exactly live data , but you can get an idea from it
i used an HTML5 canvas.js line graph and displayed data from brainwave device (NeuroSky) on it, you can see it in the show and tell section :slightly_smiling:

Thanks @Carsten and @V_Mohammed_Ibrahim

@ahdeshpande you can use the obj.read(); function to get the values og object from the hybridobject server and display it in the HTML element

hi, thanks for suggestions. I am working on it hopefully would be able to post some update on it soon.

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