RealityEditor - Auto freeze interface

We’ve implemented a few usecases for RealityEditor

  1. A login screen which is a HTML form
  2. Control buttons for a smart switch

With both these we’ve issues with the UI on RealityEditor. The user must hold their phone very still otherwise the UI is very shaky. Is it possible to auto freeze the UI when the interface is displayed, rather than the user having to press the freeze button?

Also when a target is visible to the RealityEditor can we have the UI take the whole screen + auto freeze rather than just displaying the UI on top of the target. I’ve played with the x,y and scale attributes in object.json but is there an option that could fill the whole screen (maximize).

We only plan to have one object in the screen, so those filling up the screen or freezing won’t be an issue.

Thank You!

Hi @ejactho,
your first request is an interesting idea and we will add it to the API in a future version.

But it sounds like, you might already can use what is implemented.

check out:


This allows you to open up in fullscreen and pause the 3D-transformation.

Thanks @valentin, This works perfectly. :slight_smile:

Between, Do you have any examples on how to use the other features like addMatrixListener()?

Also I was trying getPossitionX(), etc, but none of the 3 functions seem to return anything.

@ejactho you can check out this example here: