Renaming Open Hybrid to Reality Editor Server

Hi Everyone,
Open Hybrid always was the Server that is needed to run the Reality Editor.
But from a domain name perspective, this is very confusing.

This confusion originated from the Reality Editor originally being named Hybrid Editor.
In a view weeks, we will publish the new Reality Editor 2.0. It’s a result of all our internal Media Lab research of the last five years. The Reality Editor 2.0 will be entirely open source with the Mozilla License.

I would like to simplify the entire project and host all of it under Reality Editor instead of Open Hybrid/Reality Editor.

This means we will have the following repositories: (Open Hybrid - editor) (Open Hybrid - object) (currently closed source)

The forum will be transferred to
All accounts and messages should keep working with the new URL.

What do you think?


You can already test your login via