Scaling issue remains? (v1.5.6)

Hello! I’m experiencing some video scaling issues on the iPhone 6 Plus. Attaching a screenshot for review… this occurs consistently after the title/splash screen on startup.

This error must have slipped in when I debugged for the non retina displays.
You can see with the earlier versions that we where debugging similar displaying errors for the iPad2.

I have all of these devices for beta testing here for the weekend.
I hope this will be the final bugfix for the scaling issue.

I have fixed the scaling issue for devices that have an extra size retina display such as the iPhone 6+.
The problem was that all other retina devices have a scale factor of 2. The iPhone 6+ has a scale factor of 3.
A new version 1.5.7 is successfully tested with iPas2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad mini, iPhone5s, iPhone6+ and is waiting in the app store for review.

I also have send in an Expedited App Review request.

The new Version just got released:

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I downloaded Version 1.5.7 and I also got a scaling issue:


Hi @zippi Welcome to the forum
can you specify which iOS device you are using and your iOS version ,so that it can be tested

Sorry i forgot it:

iPhone 4
iOS 7.1.2

It seems the new release was not tested on iphone4 @valentin will get back to you on this

@zippi The error you get disappears when you rotate your phone so that the orientation changes.
Please let me know if this works.

It works now!

When I started the app the screen orientation lock was enabled.
I turned it off and not it works fine :smile:


@valentin why does the error occour ,when the orientation differs ?

I think it has to do with a radical “screen size / orientation” change from apple between io7 and ios8.
You can read about some of the issues here:

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