Smart Livingroom

I would like to share some of our work with you. We created some HybridObjects like lamps, a radio, a knob, a switch and a mediacentre in a livingroom environment. Everything can be interconnected.

Additionally we made some changes/improvements to the RealityEditor UI. For example if there is more than one outgoing link from an IOPoint, they don’t overlap anymore. When you hover over an IOPoint it shows a halo to indicate that it is being touched.

And we experimented a little bit with operators which are currently implemented as virtual IOPoint. This requires some more thought since it is a big conceptual question. What “operators” do you need? How can they be represented in the UI?

The markers are a little bit obtrusive at the moment. I’m working on integrating them into the objects but it’s working for now :wink:

You can find the video here: