Some Fundamental Questions

My first question is in regards to Reality Editor and Smarter
Objects. Does the reality editor work with/require objects manufactured
with the capability of receiving input from the Reality Editor? Also on a
side note, just curious as to what language(s) you predominantly used
in the development of Reality Editor.

My second question is that upon researching and watching videos of the Reality
Editor I noticed in most scenes there was what resembled a HRQR code on
the objects being manipulated. Is this some sort of requirement to pick
of wireless transmissions sent by the application?

And my last question is addressing the Open Hybrid Platform. What exactly
is this used for, or what is it. I understand it is a platform but how
would it be implemented and to what?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully responding.

Your best regards.

Hi Haeven,
Welcome to the Open Hybrid Community!
I will try to answer your questions…

The Reality Editor works with this open hybrid platform. Right now openhybrid works with the arduino Yun.
@Carsten has build Hue Light hardwareInterface and @V_Mohammed_Ibrahim created a tutorial on how to run the platform on the raspberry pi. Feel free to add your own hardwareInterface ideas.

Open Hybrid and big parts of the Reality Editor are written with javascript and its server runtime version node.js.
@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim is also looking in to a python adapter.

Do you have some specific interest with the programming language?

The HRQR like stickers that you can see in the videos are not required.
The Reality Editor uses so called natural features to see what object is in front of it.
It can be any kind of image and it is nothing special. It only needs to have some sort of detail.
You can read more about the details for the tracker here:

The data connection is happening via wifi.

Open Hybrid is a server that for example is uploaded in to your Arduino Yun.
It handles all the data communication between objects and between objects and the Reality Editor.
Additional it communicates with your hardware interfaces.

Does this answers your questions?
Feel free to ask more if something is still not clear.

@Haeven you can use any image as target for the reaity editor , you can see this in the first video
here —> OpenHybrid expirements
i will try to put some instructions on how to change images to the required format to use as target image

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Steps to reduce size :

Using Photoshop :

1 open file in photoshop
2 reduce the size of image using image size option in the image menu ( this is done by changing the pixel dimensions)
3 save the image , select medium or low for quality to bring down the image size to 2 mb or below
4 make sure you save it as .png or .jpg
5 now you can use this image as target

Alternatively if you don’t have photoshop you can use online sites like to reduce the size