Updating wifi settings

I was curious how to update wifi connectivity settings to connect to a new network. I noticed that I was able to reset the wifi on the Yun with the microSD card with openhybrid installed on it, but once the Yun is rebooted with the SD card installed, it does not connect to the new network. I could use some help with making sure I’m following the correct procedure to update the wifi while maintaining functionality as a hybrid object.

Oh this is a very good point.
We forgot to add it clearly. You will be able to set the wifi the same way you would set the wifi on a normal arduino yun.

once you have reseted the arduino yun with the firmware from the sd card, you connect to the same arduino yun wifi network as before and you log in the same way as you would log in to reset the firmware.

But this time you change the wireless parameters. It looks something like this image here:

Then push restart and your arduino should be loged in via the new network parameters.

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I had attempted this method previously without much success. I was only able to reset successfully when the microSD card was removed while resetting the wlan button, something that was unclear from the documentation on arduino.cc.

Can you point me to where it is written that the wlan reset only works with removed sd card?
Did you got it working in the end?

I tried multiple times without success to reset the wlan using the wlan reset button (hold for more than 5 seconds) without success when the microSD card (formatted with the hybrid.dmg image) was installed in the Yun, and forums for resetting the wifi were not helpful, as most had no consistent solution. My removing of the microSD card came about as a result of troubleshooting how to change wifi networks and maintain hybrid object utility. Through sequential attempts, I noticed the following:

  • When the microSD card was removed and the wlan reset held for more than 5 seconds, the Yun would reset the wifi to “Arduino-XXXXXXXXXXXX” and could be logged into via arduino.local. However, upon inserting the microSD and restarting the Yun, this network would disappear.
  • The only way I was able to successfully change the wifi settings was to go through the process of resetting the wifi using wlan reset without the microSD card installed, and then re-installing the hybrid.dmg image onto the microSD card. When I restarted the Yun with the re-imaged microSD card, the Yun was able to be connected to via “Arduino-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX” and the wifi configured to the new settings. I detailed my experience and process here.

I think you actually don’t have to push the wifi reset button.
Since the image stores all the relevant data on the sd-card.
When you clone the image on the sd card again, you also reset the wifi to the default.

This is also the reason why your reset has no influence for when you reinsert the sd card.
Your old wifi data is stored on the sd-card. When you reinsert it, the old wifi will be initialized.

After cloning the SD card a second time you do not need to reset the Arduino Yun.
It should work just right away.

I encounter the same problem when I try to connect to a new wifi.
Does there has any solutions without re-imaged microSD card?

You will need to program the Arduino to the new Network settings while you can reach it in the old Network.