Very fascinated but from where to start?

I have been working with Arduino and other stuff associated with it but never had the wonderful thought of the Physical world as interface to the Digital world and even I didn’t thought that it would be possible with Arduino and now I decided to interface physical and digital world.

I have to begin this from scratch as I am a newbie to this. Till now we got up with an idea and implemented with Arduino and I don’t think that approach will blindly work here. Some background work of observation is needed to such interfacing I feel in particular.

I hope some one could leave a word responding to my request.

Thank you,

PavanKumar K

@pavankumar welcome to the forum :smile:
Can you tell us which part it is that you need help with?
if it is about using openhybird in general then you can find the info here
you can find answers to most of the beginner level questions in this forum that have been already asked,
if you have anything else that you need , feel free to ask :slight_smile: