Warning message while compiling (deprecated)

I m trying to test the sensor example with Yun
Using the example, I have a 4 lines of warning messages that look like this.

/Users/blabla/Documents/Arduino/OpenHybrid/OpenHybrid.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
/Users/blabla/Documents/Arduino/OpenHybrid/OpenHybrid.ino:6:28: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings]
obj.add(“slider”, “led”); // add a new I/O Point

My IDE version is : 1.6.9 (Mac).

Also, I think I follow the tutorial line by line but my Add Target and Add Interface buttons never go to green… (I don’t know if it matters)…

Thanks for your help.

Hi @iStan92 which Arduino IDE are you using?
It should work with no error messages using Arduino 1.6.4+ (latest version is 1.6.9) from arduino.cc.
I can compile with no error messages.
Have you installed the openHybrid library into the arduino library folder?

When you click on upload target, you should follow step by step the guide on that page.
Upload files one after another. Watch out that you upload the ORIGINAL ZIP file downloaded from vuforia and not a folder or a re-zipped folder. Safari on a mac sometimes unzipps the zip file automatically.

Hi @valentin
I currently use the version 1.6.9 and yes I’ve installed the openHybrid library into the right folder…
By the way, the messages are just warning.

I will make tests on a windows computer about the upload process (and I had re-zipped the folder :wink: )…

Thanks for your support

@iStan92 Yes the warnings should not result in any error, but still it is interesting that you see them and I don’t.

If you use OSX Safari you can tell Safari to not open the zip file.
Safari > Preferences… > General > Uncheck “Open safe files after downloading”

No need for a windows computer.