Web interface capabilities and limitations

I’ve tried putting together a couple of different web interfaces, and have had mixed success so far.

I’m wondering what technologies underly the web interface renderer. What layout engine does it use? What javascript runtime? Can I access XHR, and WebSockets?

It is the iOS Webkit.
Everything that works on Safari for iOS will work as well for the Reality Editor.

But you need to make sure that you work with absolute positioning and scales of your UI elements.
The AR scale depends on the scale of your webpage.
If you scale content to 100% for example, it is difficult to determine how to scale the UI for the Augmented Reality overlay.

Hi @valentin, I’m learning vuforia now-days, the samples I found are all rending a 3D model on the target. I want to know how can I open a webpage when the target image is detected? Just like the Reality Editor does. Thanks!

@Peiyong Just use the Reality Editor! :slightly_smiling:
Other then that you can study the open source code for the reality editor on Github.

This forum here is about the Open Hybrid community and the Reality Editor.
If you plan to develop an application with the vuforia framework, you might want to look up other communities than can help you better.