What is Vuforia for?

Open Hybrid is really an amazing concept. However, I found that in Hybrid Object server, the target of an object is managed by Vuforia Target Manager, which I was not expecting. I wonder what it is for and what data will be sent to Vuforia?


HI @tanyuan welcome to the forum !
The vuforia portal receives the target image and creates a zip file with info needed to identify the target , it is what lets you augment the HTML/CSS contents over the target
if you haven’t already checked , here is a wiki intro of vuforia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vuforia_Augmented_Reality_SDK

@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim Thanks a lot and it solves my confusion. I think this means that the marker recognition and object matching program is not run on my device but on Vuforia.

And that the Reality Editor app also needs to access the external Internet to recognize markers.

@tanyuan the recognition happens on the reality editor app , which gets the target from the hybridobject server which runs on the Arduino/pi / PC , reality editor does not need access to internet , it just need to be connected to same network as your hybridobject server