Why i cannot delete connection between io points?

Hey everyone,

The problem is when I try to delete the connections of io points in reality editor, the connection cannot be deleted.
When my finger leave the touchscreen, there is a dotted line remains there.

I try to reboot app and open hybrid sever, but it doesn’t work. This used to be ok several days ago. Anyone knows how to fix it?

Hi @Peiyong,
I know the bug and I had it my self.
I think it has something to do with an IO-Points that is linked to another IO-Point that no longer exist.
I will need to spend some time debugging it.

These links are written in a file called object.json and loaded each time you start your object.
There are three possible solution for the problem at the moment:

  1. Take the micro SD Card and mount it with your computer. Go to the folder: HybridObjects>objects>YourObject and delete the file object.json

  2. Delete your object within the developer webpage and create a new one.

  3. If you know a bit about the json format, you can also open the object.json file in a text editor and just delete everything within "objectLinks": {<delete this content>}

@valentin I delete the “objectLinks” in the object.json, and it works!

Thanks a lots.