Will any version of Raspberry Pi work?

Hi everybody.

I was wondering if someone alreaddy tried to install OpenHybrid on an Raspberry Pi 3.

If so, I would be interested if it worked well or if there were any complications.



I don’t think there should be any problems.
Open Hybrid uses very high level APIs and as long as you run a Linux system on with nodejs, the PI the server should work.

Hi @paul ,

You will be able to run Open Hybrid on the PI 3 , there shouldn’t be any problems and since it had built-in Wi-Fi ,that should take care of network connectivity as well :slight_smile:

@paul do tell us if OH works fine on Pi3 , so that we can add it to the tested devices in install guide !

@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim It does work on my side though Kevin Ortman’s hardwareInterface for the Pi, wasn’t as simple as I expected, I had to debug the code, and figure out how to get the GPIO working right.

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