Windows: Make an Arduino Yun in to a Hybrid Object

Hello, I am having some trouble installing this software. I have installed the win32 disk imager and inserted my micro sd card with adapter. Now when i open up the win32, i do not understand how to browse the folder where the hybrid image is stored.

If you are having trouble following the manual in the site ,please wait till tomorrow, I will add some images also to clear your doubts :smile:

Thank you so much! :grin:

@Joshua.Ayala does this help ?

1 .

2 .

3 .

@valentin should we add images to the guide in the site, ?

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definitley it is very helpful

Hi,I have write the hybrid.dmg in SD card,and inserted the micro sd card in YUN ,but nothing happen.How to solve this problem,thank you!

you use the install guide in it has the correct steps ( for windows ,linux and OSX)

hi V_Mohammed_Ibrahim you re explanation are really clear
and the documention on work.
but when win32 disk imager finish to write, he say : write successful
but on my 4GB of sd card i have
1 partion of 128 mb fat 32 who is full
1 partition of 256 who is full
and the other is unalocated
i think there is a bug because you ask to have a 4gb sd card.
see print screen and capacity and used of disk 2
thanks a lot open hybrid is a great project

@karlTH yes the SD card becomes partitioned like that once you write the HybridObject image to the card .
It is the same when you write it using the “dd” tool in linux also
I have specified 4 GB because it is safe , if you require only very light use , you can use a 2 GB card as well , i have worked with 2 GB card.
if you finish your work with Openhybrid and want to put the SD card back to original size use this tutorial

thank you for you re quick answer.
may be someone could add a picture of the résult of the SD card on the tutorial.
like this every body could know if the operation is a success or not.