New Reality Editor Version 1.5.2

You can find the latest Reality Editor Update Version 1.5.2 in the iOS App Store:

  • The Image Tracker has been updated to Vuforia 5.0.5
  • New Feature: Enable Extended Tracking in the Preferences
  • New Feature: Clear Sky mode for presentations without GUI
    Unlike in the normal mode, web interfaces are not destroyed after 3 seconds of invisibility.
    This keeps your demo instantly responsive, but might slow down when interacting with many objects.
  • New Feature: Load a modified version of the Web Based GUI from your own Web-Server.
    Use GitHub - openhybrid/editor: hybrid editor GUI code as a reference for your own modifications.
    The Reality Editor will automatically return to the old GUI if the code at the destination URL is not responding. You can also reset to the old GUI by putting your device in airplane mode and then start the Reality Editor.
  • Preferences redesign and new Buttons
  • The App keeps all states after reload.


Does the update of the IOS app requires to update the hardware part?

does not work on ipad 2 (iOS 9.0.1)

No, the update should work just fine with every object you build. Why do you ask? Do you found a bug?

Can you be more precise what part does not work?
I can not help to fix the problem if you just write that it does not work.

The app does not update to the latest release , when i give update it shows "app not compatible with this device "
i am still running the previous release of reality editor , the OS is iOS 9

I found the issue. We have compiled the editor only for 64 bit devices. The iPad 2 does not support 64 bit I assume. I send another version to the app store that supports 32 bit as well but it will take its time to be approved.

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ohh i see , thanks , waiting for it to arrive ,

Version 1.5.3 is online and should work on your device.

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Will there be an android version coming anytime soon?

Yes, there will be an Android version.
We are working on it.

All the code is already platform independent. Our single main problem with the Android version is described here:

please go through here