When will there be an Android app

I have been waiting for a long time for one and I seem to remember a message that said that it was coming soon. Is my memory incorrect or …

I am willing to help test the app.

Hi @chuck.untulis

This is the thread for the development of the android version for reality editor
—>ofxQCAR for android
would you like to help in building it?

I doubt that I will be able to provide any help in the short term because I am not knowledgeable about most of the material that I have seen in my brief look through the forum. I have not ever built an Android app, so I would need a lot of guidance just to get started. I will start trying to get up to speed. Is there a place that I can find information on the tools that have been mentioned and a recipe for building a simple app just to understand the process? - like what development environment is used, what language(s) are used, what tools are used for creating the user facing code and what tools are used for the background processing, a block diagram of how the pieces are connected, what tools are used for managing the code, what tools are used for testing the code, what pieces of the code are completed, which pieces are in progress and which pieces have not been started and a list of the known issues? If I get involved, I will be asking a lot of questions to fill in the gaps in my knowledge.

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@chuck.untulis :slight_smile: do ask questions
The documentation work has just started , we are working on putting together a user friendly documentation so that everyone can easily learn and use openhybrid, for now you can try out openhybrid on the Yun/ Pi and get familiar with its working , you can find details on working of openhybrid in the threads in the forum
@valentin should we have a development section for the reality editor also?

I found the document for the Raspberry Pi. I checked Sparkfun and Adafruit and it is on backorder at both places. I also found an Iduino but I am not brave enough to try one.

I have a Raspberry Pi but the instructions for getting it setup are missing a few things like how to generate a bootable image on a Windows system. I did it a long time ago and I will go back find my notes and build one.

If I remember correctly there were a whole lot of other little things to remember to do to get it working. As I go through the process, I will make notes and send them to the author of the getting started for the RPi. Ada fruit also has some possibly helpful content so I will add that to my notes.

I just looked at Vuforia and it appears that a few is involved for using the software. Is there a free developer version and if so can I get a copy.


@chuck.untulis you can use the same method as burning Yun image using win32 disk imager
@valentin we should add this to the Raspi setup page
use this -->http://openhybrid.org/arduino-yun-via-windows.html
intstead of the hybrid.dmg image , you can put the raspibian (required image)

You can use NOOBS and just follow the instructions there Raspberry Pi Documentation as mentioned in the install instructions (The very first point).

I don’t really think we should include this in the setup page because the NOOBS install procedure might change (who knows). I think providing a link to the NOOBS setup instructions - which is already there - is the better way.