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I/O points not showing up on reality editor

continuing from here → New Reality Editor Version 1.5.7 - #13

@ivanlin try changing the name of your HybridObject to “slider” , the obj.add(“slider”, “led”); adds a I/O point named led to the object called slider so if your object has a different name then the I/O points wont be added ,
i think you have named your HybridObject differently ,
try creating a HybridObject with name as slider and try again :smile:

you can see here for some clarity →

Hi, @V_Mohammed_Ibrahim,

Do I need to align all the file name to ‘slider’? like, slider.jpg, (downloaded from Vuforia), the database name of Vuforia and the target name in the database folder of Vuforia?

no , @ivanlin you only need to change the name of your HybridObect
what did you name your object when you used the “create new object” ?
i believe you have named your object as target so check is this works obj.add(“target”, “led”);


Hi, @V_Mohammed_Ibrahim, @valentin

Thank you both. It works! :joy:
I would like to try it on Raspberry Pi and other platforms afterward.


Hi,@V_Mohammed_Ibrahim I am a beginner,have read the introduction on website—laptop-computer.html.But I still don’t konw how to install Open Hybrid Server in my windows laptop.Cn you help me?

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To get the server working in windows :

  1. Install nodejs (32 bit or 64 bit)

     Windows 32-bit Installer:
     Windows 64-bit Installer:   
  2. confirm that your nodejs install is working
    type “node -v” or “nodejs -v” in the terminal it should return the version on installed node
    type "npm -v " next it should return the version of npm

  3. if the above steps went well , then go to Desktop & Laptop Computer and do steps 1 - 5 and it should work

Hope this helps , do ask if you need any help

Thank u!

I don’t know if the result is right,
And the next step:


Dont type the command inside node terminal , you are supposed to type it in a normal terminal ( cmd or commad prompt)
after installing nodejs
open command prompt and then use the command like this

helpful thank u!